Photos: Me Versus I Farewell Show

Photos and words by Keano Jan Osmillo

December 12, 2015 – The American Legion in Hammonton, NJ 

Me Versus I’s final show was a night filled with an air of emotion and passion. Some would relate it to that of a vigil. The impact these guys have made on the community, especially in the local scene of South Jersey, will be missed. Grandaire described it as “a joyous evening and not one of sadness, for we are celebrating all of the wonderful and amazing times we spent here as a family.” Me Versus I had worked hard to get to where they are, “from standing on sheds to having the whole venue yelling back in their faces, Me Versus I left a mark in the Grandaire scene that will never be forgotten.” They instilled hope in many of their fans and inspired other musicians in the scene.

Ben Greenblatt, the opener, had this to say, “they were really the first band to ever give me a shot at performing music, and they really believe in me which is awesome. They’ve been there for me since my edgy seventh grade days and that’s tight.” Tom Whaley of The Secondside reminisced, “Me Versus I is a band that not only are absolute top notch musicians and songwriters, but are also genuinely great dudes. Ever since our bands have known each other, the guys in MVI have always treated my band with absolute respect, and I can’t express how much that means to me. Steve Senecal has become a great friend to me ever since we started getting to know these guys.”

Overall, this was a fun filled night albeit heavily filled with emotions. This may mark the end for Me Versus I, but their legacy continues on in the scene, vicariously living through each and every one of their fans and the community surrounding the Grandaire scene in South Jersey.

“For everyone, for everything” –Me Versus I

Me Versus I

The Secondside

Brock Landers


Ben Greenblatt

Grandaire Attendees