Photos: Emerson Booking Presents Such A Mess and Post Season

Photos by Keano Jan Osmillo

August 23, 2015 – DAV, Hammonton, NJ 

This was a local show hosted in Hammonton, NJ featuring some alternative acts coupled with two powerful pop punk acts. The heart of this show was definitely the showgoers. In such a small town like Hammonton, everyone knows each other. It’s all about coming together as a community that creates a special stage for any sort of music.

Spiritbreaker opened up the night with an energetic alternative/punk set with plenty of opportune moments for the crowd to sing along. At one point their drummer stood on top of his drumkit as he screamed along with their singer creating a visually striking image to pair up with their music. Parkwood and Pines are both bands that you must see live. When performing live their music has a more raw sound than their records. This difference in sound is definitely what makes them worth catching live.

Post Season and Such A Mess were the touring bands on this bill and it must have been hard for a band to tour through a town they’ve never played before. Despite this, Post Season and Such A Mess put on amazing sets for the crowd. For being on tour for five weeks, these guys are still going strong. Their pop punk sets were full of energy; These two bands made sure they enjoyed the time they spent playing for the crowd. Playing back to back, their sets reflected well off of each other and it’s no surprise that they’re touring together. With a split EP coming out on August 28 on Common Ground Records, this is a significant accomplishment for these two rising acts.

I unfortunately was not able to catch Breaking Tradition which is unfortunate since they did catch my interest when they had performed earlier this year at SADfest.

Overall this was a successful show for Emerson Booking.  It provided a great mix of both local and touring acts with energetic sets throughout the night. Again, as I’ve said earlier, it’s about the people coming together as a community through music and this show was able to do that just fine.

Such a Mess

Post Season