Me Versus I Final Show

“Everything about this show was selected for a reason. The Secondside brings a new sound and talent to a scene that can sometimes become mundane and repetitive and we’ve always respected them for that. Brock Landers has invented a sound of their own and could stand completely still on stage and still their music has enough energy to move you. Teethforteeth has been a part of mvi for a long time (ever hear of Eliot Grey?) they’ve yet to put out a song that didn’t make us think “we have to step our game up”. And last but not least, my man, Ben Greenblatt who you’ve probably never heard of. Cranking out the acoustic jams and the absolute future of this scene. One day there’s gonna be 100 sweaty kids in a vfw climbing over each other to grab his mic. We had to make sure this show took place in Hammonton with Grandaire Booking because when we couldn’t keep 5 kids in front of us at other places, they made us the most at home. Grandaire is one of the few scenes that is a true community always there to support the bands and each other. That’s why we’ll be donating all of the proceeds from this show to Matt Campione to help cover his medical expenses. Check out his gofundme and help out if you can. With that said, join us on 12/12/15 and help us get real sweaty and emotional one last time. Also, dirt cheap merch including records.” -Me Versus I

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