Coverage by Keano Jan Osmillo

January 30, 2016 – The American Legion, Hammonton, NJ


Anyone who knows Matt Campione knows what brightness he brings into the lives of those around him. From his involvement in the local music scene and in his community, Matt has made a huge impact on so many people. He has played a huge part in reviving the Hammonton music scene by starting out playing in small coffee shops to helping start Grandaire Booking and organizing local shows and music festivals. He is the lead vocalist of his band, Your Persona, which has gone on tour twice before having to stop due to his medical treatments.

Since being diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2014, Matt has undergone three surgeries and is currently in his fourth round of chemotherapy.

Let’s help show Matt that he is not alone in his battle with cancer, and that everyone is by his side and will never leave him. All the money being raised will be going towards his immense medical expenses to help his family in this urgent time.

“They all say be strong and I’ll be there”.


Luke River Morsa curated a killer comp with some of the bands playing #MOSHFORMATT. Check it out here.

Prior to the start of the event, there was a small yoga class shortly followed by a spin kicking class. Other activities in this event were head shaving as well as getting hair extensions. For a comprehensive set of photos of all performers click here.

Activities and Attendees