Photos: Choir Vandals and Henrietta Tour

Photos by Eden Kittiver

September 19, 2015 – Creator Space in Temecula, CA

On their debut full US tours, Indie rock bands, Choir Vandals (MO) and Henrietta (FL) traveled across the country to play a small warehouse in Temecula, California, fittingly entitled “Creator Space”. The room had a very garage-concert vibe, with storage shelves along the walls and one small light pointing at the band. On the back wall was a large screen, projecting what appeared to be a muted version of all six Star Wars movies layered on top of each other, acting as a background to the bands playing.

The show was co-hosted by Ash of Southern Californian Art Collective’s, The Dial and Pierce Webster, owner and booker of popular garage venue, Dad’s Den. The lineup consisted mostly of bands local to the Orange County/ Southern California area, as well as the touring artists.

As the first act began playing, friends, fans, and new listeners filed in and the temperature of the room raised a good 10 degrees, but the heat was tolerable during those short sets.

Solo acoustic artist, Gilbert Salcido opened the show, bringing a very pop-punk vibe to classic, acoustic songs.

Following Salcido was a band I immediately fell in love with, Kinda Rad, Kinda Sad. By sitting criss-cross and inviting people to get as close as possible, the twinkly emo band from San Diego performed as an acoustic duo and really brought the crowd together.  With relatable lyrics and a unique sound, KRKS easily stood out to me amongst the other bands. Not to mention the band members, David Yelsits and Gavin Crary, were probably some of the coolest guys I met all night.

Next up was another San Diego band, progressive alternative five-piece, ATRIS. This band put on a great performance, with insane amounts of energy that fit perfectly with this upbeat, “Dance Gavin Dance” like sound.

Orlando, Florida’s indie rock group, Henrietta, was next to take the stage. With foot-tapping melodies and such a talented vocalist, I was not surprised this band brought a crowd inside.

I had been listening to Choir Vandals for awhile at this point and seeing them live surely did not disappoint. St. Louis, Missouri’s  four-piece indie rock band had the whole room dancing from the get-go — how could you not dance to such catchy beats? My interest in this band definitely sparked after seeing them at this show. I recommend keeping an eye out for Choir Vandals, I would not be surprised to see their popularity grow quickly!

Closing out the night was Southern California’s pop punk group, Horror In The Moonlight, followed by Somewhat Ace, whom I unfortunately was unable to see.

Overall, this show definitely worth the trip. There was a nice variety of genres present and each band put on a great set. Pierce and Ash put on a great show as always, and I sincerely recommend attending one of their shows if you live in the area!

Horror in The Moonlight


Choir Vandals