Photos: Copeland, Eisley, & We Are The City

Photos by Kayla Surico

Words by Dora McFadden

December 6, 2015 – The Social in Orlando, FL 

On Sunday, December 6, Copeland, Eisley and We Are The City ended their 4 1/2 week long tour at The Social in Orlando, Florida. Copeland being native Floridians sold out their show; it was almost a welcome home finale of sorts.

With spirits high (from both the bar and crowd), Canadians We Are The City opened with a theatrical and frantic performance. Each member sporting Copeland merch with humble attitudes, drummer Andrew Huculiak saying, “niceness inspires niceness”. The 3 piece band belted out soulful-psychedelic-indie rock tunes preparing everyone for the female driven band Eisley.

Indie-pop-rock melodies combined with heavy hitting lyrics set the stage for Texas fam band Eisley. A finely tuned, passion filled 8 song set was sang between Christie and Sherri Dupree, who spoke upon break ups and divorces with her little girls side stage cheering her on.

Soon after wave like images projected over the stage as Copeland began arranging their string quartet and setting up instruments. Vocalist Aaron played multiple songs on a white piano one of them being, The Suitcase Song. 16 songs and a 2-song encore later, Copeland closed the show with “In Her Arms” bringing the crowd to part tears and part cheers.



We Are The City