Photos: Seems Like Forever Tour

Photos by Keano Jan Osmillo

Recap by Nicole DiBenedetto

October 24, 2015 -The Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA


After a busy summer traveling across the U.S. for Warped Tour, The Amity Affliction set out for another U.S. headliner. The Seems Like Forever U.S. tour features a variety of supporting artists including The Plot in You, Cruel Hand, Secrets, and Chelsea Grin.

First on the bill was The Plot in You. The band gave a tight performance overall. Vocalist Landon Tewers impressed the audience with his controlled unclean vocals. The band presented heavy, pounding guitars and bass throughout the set. Unfortunately, the band featured very little interaction with the crowd, perhaps a rough night.

Next up on the stage was Cruel Hand who were memorable to say the least. The band opened up with an interesting rap about mosh pits. A high energy performance was presented from the members on stage and the bass player was a technically good player. However, much of this set was distracted by the out of place air horn sounds that filled the room roughly every few songs, but it is good to note that they were an interesting performance to watch.

After Cruel Hand finished, Secrets took the stage. As a band, the members all work very well with each other. The set was very solid from an audience perspective as the band played in sync with each other. The band was very engaging to the crowd and smoothly transitioned from one song to the next. Secrets has definitely pushed to strive even harder, especially with the very recent departure of Aaron Melzer. Wade Walters has stepped in to fill the role and has acclimated well with the band, having recorded new material with Secrets and hopping on tour with them.

A moment many in the crowd were clearly waiting for had finally come. Chelsea Grin took the stage and certainly did not disappoint fans during their set. The band is quite heavy and all members show great musicianship onstage. At first, the vocals were very muddy sounding (assuming this was due to the venue sound system), but as the sound cleared up a bit the audience was presented with monstrous lows from vocalist Alex Koehler. The band showed a lot of interaction with the crowd and had a great stage presence. The choice of lighting was a little dark but it made for an ominous, heavy feel for the environment.

Last but not least, The Amity Affliction finally took the stage as the headliner of the evening.

The band played a solid set with effective breakdown impacts and overall good pitch and tone quality from vocalist Ahren Stringer. The crowd was actively participating in singing along and filling in when the band asked for crowd vocals. The bass was heavy throughout the performance which gave the driving force the audience needed to stay excited. Both Ahren and Joel worked well together on vocals throughout the performance. The band rearranged their set list compared to the last few tours they have done. Open Letter and Pittsburgh switch spots on the list so that they band started off with Open Letter and played Pittsburg right before ending with their usual song Don’t  Lean on Me. It was good to see a change.

For any fans of the metalcore scene and heavier music, it is suggested that you don’t miss this tour!

The Amity Affliction

Chelsea Grin


Cruel Hand

The Plot in You