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       Our Company has had the Xinjiang high quality cashmere and  fine wool as its raw material, has introduced the advanced process, technology, equipment, and  management methods from German, Italy, and Japan, and has had produced top grade rove cashmere yarn, wool yarn, and different kinds of mixed cashmere yarns. The technical levels of the cashmere yarn and all classes of mixed cashmere yarns are in leading both at home and abroad markets.


     In recent years, aiming at different clients at home and abroad, the Company has developed the new products of the mixed rove wool yarns with different blending ratio and yarn-count, and the mixed rove cotton wool yarn, which have won orders from clients for the Company, and enhancing the product technical levels of the enterprise.

      The yarn kinds produced by the Company are mainly the rove cashmere yarn and different kinds of mixed cashmere yarns, with the count of yarn being 6-42NM. Of which, the "top grade rove (worsted) cashmere yarn and mixed and knitted cashmere woolen yarn", and the "rove 42/2NM pure knitted cashmere yarns" obtained respectively the third prize of the excellent new product award of the autonomous region, and the third prize of the technological progress award of Urumqi Year 2010-2011. In 2011, the Company obtained the Fine Product Prize of the wool spinning yarn products of China.

       Through setting up the producing, learning, and researching with the Northwest Textile Science and Technology University, for staining, the Company has applied the "fine suspension staining technique" in the process of staining cashmere, which decreases the fibre tendering, reduces the staining and processing cost, decreases the energy consumption, and the obtained achievement has reached the domestic leading level. The dignity style continuously enhances the technical contents and added values of the products, realizing the domestic rove fine count yarn  innovation.


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