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Copper fine powder
       Copper is one of first metals which was discovered and used by human. It is in purplish red, with specific gravity 8.89, and melting point 1083.4℃. Due to the good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, good anticorrosion performance, easy to be processed, and good tensile strength and fatigue strength, copper and its alloys have extensive applications, only second to steel and aluminum in the metallic material consumption, becoming an indispensable basic material and strategic material in the fields of national welfare and the people's livelihood, national defense projects and even in the high-tech field. Copper has been widely used in the departments of electrical industry, mechanical industry, chemical industry, and national defense, etc.. Copper concentrate powder is made from low-grade copper-bearing raw ore, and treated with ore dressing process, and becomes the concentrate with certain quality index, and can be directly supplied to smelting plants for copper smelting.
        The Company has obtained the exploration right for two copper poly-metallic deposits in Huangtupo mine of Hami, with total ore exploration area of 70.24 km2; and the exploitation right for one copper-zinc deposit with a ore exploitation area of 2.021 km2. Presently the proved reserve of copper ore in the mine is 17.5074 million tons (including ore cluster I and ore cluster II), in which, the copper reserve is 183 thousand tons, the zinc reserve is 196.1 thousand tons, and there are other associated metals of gold, silver, cadmium, and gallium, etc., the average ore grade is at a relatively high level.


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